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Lisa Meadows
Certified Professional Coach

With 25 years of corporate human resources and recruiting experience across multiple industries, my expertise is in working with successful leaders wanting to achieve exponential success, high performing women wanting to achieve higher levels of leadership, and emerging leaders wanting to advance their careers. 




A good coach always coaches to a leader's potential, not his/her current level of performance.  A good leadership coach will see the potential in you and inspire you accordingly. - Andy Stanl


I found working with Lisa very inspirational. She helped stimulate my drive and ambition to expect and accept more for myself, as well as encourage others to do the same.  I spoke to Lisa on a weekly basis and each week we uncovered areas of opportunities and exercises to practice. She identified specific subject matter to focus on and discussed the results of me doing so. This process allowed me to forgive myself in areas I was not necessarily aware of and break down barriers that were hindering my success in transitioning to a new position. I was ready for a job transition, but I wanted a position at a company that aligned with my core values as a professional.  As a result, I have accepted a position that not only fulfills my experience and passion, the role aligns me with a company that supports my core values. Thank you Lisa for the time and effort you took to understand me as a person and a professional. I truly appreciate you and your company.

 - Rosalind (Senior Leader)

I wanted to share with you what a blessing your services have been not only for my career, but for me spiritually and mentally as well.  Not only did you help me to discover my why, you helped me to remember who I am and the power I posses within.  You helped me to identify what drives me and keeps me motivated.  You guided me to align my career decision based upon fulfilling “MY WHY”; you challenged me to expect different results; and you held me accountable to continue to put one foot forward at a time.  I’m grateful for the aspiring woman you are; and the strength and inspiration you helped me get back.  Your coaching has made me feel more uplifted, focused, and prepared to accomplish my career and personal dreams. I sincerely thank you for all of your time, patience, sensibility, and realness.  

- Iman (Emerging Leader)

With Lisa’s support, I was able to get clarity on the direction that I wanted to take my business.  She helped me work through the things that I needed to deal with personally and professionally.  Lisa helped me see my own road blocks and limiting beliefs and encouraged me to move through them.  She gave me lots of resources, tips on time management, gaining confidence and setting goals.  I think Lisa is an amazing and gifted coach.  She’s a good listener, encouraging, wise and truly cares!  I recommend her services to anyone that needs help with their personal and professional goals.  She’s definitely worth the investment!  

- Debra (Business Owner)


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