Leadership Coaching for Women

The transition from being an individual contributor to being a Female Leader is challenging.  


We as women face a myriad of circumstances, challenges and obstacles in both our professional and personal lives that limit, sometimes even prohibit, our ability to live and lead our lives without limitations, judgement, guilt, fear and sometimes feeling less than and powerless. 

Having personally experienced these gender biases at various points in my career, I understand all too well just how detrimental these are to we as women and to our confidence and ability to advance our careers. 

Leadership Coaching for Women is designed to educate, empower, elevate and ensure that women are seen, heard, valued and have a seat at the table.

Women can expect to:
•    Gain self-confidence to advocate for yourself
•    Understand how your communication style dictates your strength as a leader
•    Master effective communication strategies to expand your influence
•    Position yourself for mentorship and sponsorship
•    Recognize and overcome the implicit gender biases in your organization
•    Achieve the promotions you deserve, and position yourself to achieve key leadership positions
•    Create a legacy for yourself as an influential and inclusive thought-leader
•    Know your worth and be prepared to ask for it
•    Own your achievements and stand in your greatness as a female leader
•    Be respected and recognized as a female leader amongst a predominantly male-lead organization


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